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About Us

Welcome to Takahashi, an oasis of tranquility that offers an exceptional fine dining experience, right in the heart of Singapore.


This establishment is the first international outpost of Takahashi and carries the vision of Jun Takahashi, renowned for his cult following in Tokyo. The waitlist is typically a year long in Japan.


In Singapore, it is Head Chef Rinto Sasagawa, Jun's esteemed protégé, who guides the experience. Having honed his skills amidst Tokyo's vibrant culinary backdrop under Jun's attentive eye, Sasagawa introduces dishes that seamlessly merge the time-honoured traditions of Japan with the modern essence of Singapore.

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In partnership with The Well Group, Takahashi is more than just a fine dining restaurant. It is a space that serves as a harmonious retreat where diners are invited to unwind and connect with their senses, against a backdrop of sublime culinary artistry.

At Takahashi, we invite you to experience the harmony of exquisite food and mindful dining. Embrace the elegance of fine dining as you unearth the soulful essence of Japan, one exquisite bite at a time.

Our Menu

Each dish in our Omakase experience is a masterful tribute to traditional Japanese cuisine, crafted meticulously under the watchful eye of Jun Takahashi and his protégé Rinto Sasagawa.


We view each meal as a journey that goes beyond taste, touching the heart, soul, and spirit of those who dine with us. Every ingredient has its story and is air freight daily from the Japanese fishermen to Takahashi Singapore.

In the zen tranquility of Takahashi, we offer you a luxurious reprieve from the everyday. Our fine dining space is a place to slow down, to savor, and to be wholly present in the delightful symphony of tastes that our cuisine provides.

Private Events 

Our restaurant is available for private events, from corporate functions to intimate gatherings. Our team will work with you to create a personalised menu and ambiance that suits your needs. We have 12 pax counter seats and 8pax private room seatings.

We offer various packages and options to accommodate different budgets and preferences.


Contact us via or whatsapp +65 8877 0501 to discuss your next event.

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